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Corruption in India – Are You Corrupt?


corruption in india

What is Corruption? Are we a part of Corruption in India? How do we do it in our day to day life unknowingly / knowingly? How does it impact our Indian Economy? Dear Young Pillars of India, have you ever come across these questions? We must find the answers for these questions as being the responsible citizens of India and Young Pillars of India. Many of us are thinking that corruption is a thing that some politicians do via scams and bribing and some of the government servants do by accepting the bribe. But, the real definition of corruption is far more the above.

What is Corruption? The misuse of public power, office or authority for private benefit – through bribery, extortion, influence peddling, nepotism, fraud, speed money.

Do you know that most of us are corrupted? There may be a change to exception of one or two percent. I really salute you, if you are one among them.

  • We give bribe, since bribe has become a better way to get our way out in a completion riddled system in the recent days. Giving bribe is also a part of corruption.
  • We use recommendations to join colleges / Companies / Government Organisations. This is nepotism, ‘favouring a known person’ – misuse of power.
  • We use our organisations’ resources for our personal benefit. For example, using internet, printers and other resources for our own private benefit. Again misuse of power.
  • How many of us paying our tax honestly?

Corruption in India

These are all just few examples, but there are many. Actually, I had a debate with my colleagues on all the above. Their point is that the entire nation is corrupted, so they only cannot be honest. Do you think the same?

A long journey starts with the first step. Let us be the first step and make a change. Today, everyone is talking about Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, even the illiterates. Is that because of his great scientist career or his position as an honourable President of India? Definitely not. He never misused his power and he had been as a normal man.

Thus, I hope you would agree that we are also a part of corruption in our country. Before we change or try to change the nation, we must change ourselves. There could be a chance for the change in a corrupted highest rank Government official by seeing his honest peon. Change is the only thing that never change. Let us make India – A Corruption Free Country.

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