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Be Proactive. Become a Leader. Make a Change


Be Proactive

The success of a society is based on the success of each individual in the society. “Be Proactive” is a key phrase for all to become a successful individual in a society.

What is Proactive? Creating or controlling a situation rather than responding to it after it has happened is denoted as proactive.

It is very important to be an initiative for any action towards development. There is a huge difference between taking initiative for an action and to be a part of the action. An individual, who takes initiative for development, becomes a leader. Everyone has interest / desire to do something useful to their society. However, various social and environmental barriers restrict them to take an initiative to become “Proactive” and a leader. Although they could not take the initiative in their social development activities, a leader could get their 100% support by involving them with such activities.

A person who makes things or initiates action, rather than waiting for it to happen to his is known as a “Proactive person”. We have considered our mantra, “Together we can change the nation”, as a motive to bring change and development in our country. Bringing change in the nation starts from the change in each individual. Reacting to a change or social issue is not the only quality that decides the proactive nature of a leader. Moreover, taking actions to make the expected change towards the development of the society is an important quality of a proactive leader.

Are you a proactive person?

Ask and evaluate yourself. Have you ever taken an initiative to solve an issue that you face in your society? Blaming the Government, Government authorities and the legislators will not help you to solve your social problem. Have you ever think the action that you can take to solve the issue? Have you ever implemented your thoughts as the initial step towards the achievable solution? If your answer is “Yes”, you are a proactive person and I salute you. If your answer is “No”, nothing late as you still you have an opportunity to lead your society.

Dear Pillars of India, Be Proactive! The world will be ready to follow your footsteps.

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